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Hair Party

Hair Party

Once you have come in and enjoyed your experience at Elevation, you will want to share the news with others. A fantastic way to do this is to have a hair party. Combine it with a girl’s night out for a fabulous evening.

A hair party lasts approximately 60 minutes and consists of three parts.

You and your friends can chat while enjoying some wine and cheese while taking in the atmosphere of the salon. You will all have a chance to meet the stylist and get answers to questions that you need to know. Do you want to know if a specific cut will work for you? Maybe your best friend is having trouble finding a conditioner she likes. Whatever the question is, our Elevation stylist has the answer. Before the hair party is over, the stylist will give a hair tutorial of your choice. Have her show you how to style hair into the latest braid or get the most from your flat iron. Whatever the tutorial covers, you and your friends will have a great time while learning something new.

Hair parties can be modified for children as well. Would you like to have a mother-daughter event? Bond over juice and cookies while meeting the stylist and learning about the newest fads for children. Mom can learn how put in feather extension or create a French twist that stays in place.